What They’re Saying

The Changeling’s Daughter draws you into a timeless, entertaining adventure where nothing is quite as it seems once curious magic unfolds in an average town. Traditional folklore meets clever, unique charm as engaging characters turn the tables on what’s expected of them. Brynn is a relatable, empathetic star of the story, a protagonist who bravely strives to show us just what it means to rise above assumptions and foregone conclusions, proving bold heroes can be forged of those the world would assume were villains.”

–Leanna Renee Hieber, award-winning author of Darker Still and Strangely Beautiful

“A impressively crafted and unique fantasy novel by an author with a genuine flair for originality, deftly crafted characters, and narrative driven storytelling, “The Changeling’s Daughter” is an extraordinarily entertaining read.”

–Midwest Book Review

“A most unusual and amazing anti-hero questing fantasy not just for young people has arrived.  Reeder’s maiden fantasy is a delight….  [T]he author’s ability to recombine fantasy elements into a true hero’s journey makes for a fresh, entertaining read….  The Changeling’s Daughter is a lovely adventure for readers who enjoy a good old-fashioned questing tale with surprising heroes unafraid to challenge even themselves.”

–Lisa J. Lickel, Wisconsin Author Review

“Reeder puts together a wonderful story in The Changeling’s Daughter….  [I]t gives the ideas of how one may be destined or assumed to be one thing, and in turn, be something more true to themselves….  I look forward to reading more by this author.”

–Amy Shannon, Amy’s Bookshelf Reviews